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Novel?…or No Novel?

It’s rather easy to write a post on WordPress. I write what I want, when I want, how I want…But when it comes to thinking about writing for my novel, I think about who’s going to criticize it, how much I’ll have to rewrite after it is torn apart with red stains that the novel will bleed through. I know most people aren’t supposed to think about that kind of stuff until after it is written and finished and you’re actually trying to get it published. No first draft is perfect, I know that. I even have my idea ready to be written. The keyboard is just waiting for every letter in the alphabet to be typed into intricate puzzles of words that will create a story…

Why is it so hard to begin? Writing is easy. Thinking about how to write the story first is difficult. What will be the first word? What will be the first letter? First person? Third person? How many characters will there be? How many chapters? What will be the last word? What will be the last letter?

I really do want to write. And I want to create a story that everybody could relate to. But the competition with Harry Potter can’t be beat. Even the Twilight series is tough even with its incredibly easily written structure. Not that I want to copy something like their genre with vampires, witches, warlocks…Although I do love folklore and mythical creatures…hmmm…

No, my idea is a tad different. No words have been written because I don’t know what direction I want to take the story and who will be the main character. I don’t want to make it myself because that’s just tacky. But it’s so much easier to write a story on non-fiction. However, I’d really like to write a fictional story and create a character that everybody wishes to be. Young, Old, Senile…anyone could be my character as long as they know how to close their eyes and imagine. But who deserves such attention? What kind of character should be worshipped into the spotlight?

*sigh* I just gotta start writing don’t I?….Crap.