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Nervousness vs. Excitement

When I first got back to Hawaii from my college graduation in New York, I was actually extremely confident in myself. I thought I would find a job immediately in my field and all would be fantastic with a smooth pavement under my feet. Of course, nothing worth fighting for comes easy. I couldn’t find a stable job in writing for any magazine and all that I found was freelance. Maybe I was expecting too much of myself? I knew that the economy was down but perhaps I was in denial at about how badly the economy is being affected.

I’ve gone through several interviews and I keep hearing the same thing: “You have a great portfolio and great writing. It’s just that we’re not hiring right now. The best we have to offer is freelance.”

That won’t hold me over. I love to write just for the sake of writing, but living in Hawaii demands money after money for living in light, privilege of internet and oh yes, the need of food to survive. I did get one offer that was to be the “editor” of a magazine called Kauai Lifestyles but they haven’t gotten me the stories that I would be writing. So, that’s probably something that I shouldn’t hold my breath for. Right now, I’m doing web editing work for a store called Sedona I worked at for the past 5 years. I love my coworkers and working here. But I’m starting to feel stuck since it wasn’t my passion to be writing about stones and sprays and oils…not really my forte. I love to write about people, their life and their journeys. Not product. But I am extremely grateful to have this job, otherwise I’d be in BIG trouble financial wise. But of course, I’m still searching for my real path.

Then I remembered that my brother Stephen knew someone that worked at KITV. I never really thought about working for television but I figured hey, why not give my old bro a call. So he called his friend and she said that there was an opening. I applied and next thing I knew, they called me in for an interview.

At first, I didn’t think this was something I really wanted to do. But after I talked to my brother’s friend about the position, it was RIGHT up my alley. That’s when I became extremely nervous about my interview. But at the same time, it feels exciting to have the opportunity to be working for something completely new. Who knows where it could lead and what doors it could open.

The interview isn’t till next week…wish me luck!