Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

This is for you.

Your surroundings is what made you who you are today.  Your family that may aggravate you one or more days throughout your life are those who do not appreciate the person you are today and what you have to offer.  They don’t appreciate what you do, how hard you work, and what you’ve accomplished.  Most human beings weigh the bad more importantly from the good and overlook what we have done for them.  Please don’t let them get you down.  These are the people that are meant to make you stronger in will power.  If they complain about their lives, just think about how great your life is going now.  You have a great job, your own apartment, and a lover that will never leave you.  Don’t even give them the pleasure of taking pity on them for how sorry they feel for themselves, and don’t waste your aggravation and anger on them…It’s not worth it.

If someone says that you may be lazy or are slacking off for what ever reason, again those are the people that look at the bad things rather than the good things.  Some people put down others to validate their own importance and will continue to do that while never realizing how it affects the individual they talk down on.  Saying a statement out loud in the next room pretending to think that you won’t hear them.  When someone vanishes out of sight, they automatically think that you can’t hear them.  I know you can, and I know you did, but that doesn’t mean that anything they say about you is true because I know they’re wrong.  I have never met anyone that works as hard as you and I am so blessed to be with such a hard worker.

So remember this…

Don’t believe anyone what they say about you if they try to bring down your spirit.  Don’t pity on those who pity their own lives because they are not doing anything themselves to make it better–so in return, they look to others for comfort.  Don’t take into consideration any sarcastic phrase anyone may say about you because they are trying to validate their own words and importance to themselves.


I love you.  I will always be by your side.  I will always help stand your ground.  And I will always and forever be your Jennifer.

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