I’m a Journalist

At first, I thought to be named a “Journalist” I would have to get a job at a publication such as a magazine, newspaper, journal, or anything that will get my name on print.  But that’s not true.

I soon learned that I am a journalist, right now, right here.  I am doing a capping project for my communications class that requires me to do many interviews and research for my 10 articles.  I have to email, call, and search the world wide web for information on my beloved home, Hawaii, to create a magazine of spiritual sites of Hawaii.  I have gotten a couple interviews out of the way through email which is easier on me, but I know that I will have to call some people for quotes and such, and with the six hour time difference, that is not going to be easy.  I was doing a lot of research just a few minutes ago for my articles when I just realized that I am a journalist.  I used to believe that I had to get my name on print at an actual publication to be called a journalist.  But really, I already am one.

I’m doing interviews, research, and writing stories that I believe the public will find great interest in.  I love to write where if it’s a story on a person, or a beautiful place like the Ali’i Kula Lavender farm on Maui.  Designing my magazine is difficult too since I have to take into consideration of photos to make the magazine more alluring for my readers.  Which means that I have to get approval and credit my photos to the right people otherwise, well…legal issues could come to surface.

Anyways, I just felt like writing this because this is the first time that I actually felt like a journalist and I do not want to forget this feeling.  This is what I want my life to entail–writing stories on people, places, and events that I am passionate about.  Being in New York, it’s hard to keep in touch with my friends that are back home.  But doing this project on Hawaii and its beautiful island offerings, I’m keeping home as close to me as possible, while finding sites on the different islands that I myself would like to visit some day.  I feel amazing right now as I write this knowing that I finally feel like a writer and with the skills I learn at Marist College and through personal experience, I hope that I can become a journalist in the future for a company that would love to share my words with its readers.

    • Christina
    • May 14th, 2011

    I appreciate your passion for writing.
    May I ask, what is it that you actually do? Is all the work you do: writing, interviewing etc. paying off?

    • I just graduated from college and I’m working as a web editor at a retail store right now. I’m going to start doing some writing for a magazine. To me, it’s not just about the money more so than it is about getting my words out there. I love to write. It’s my fuel. And to do it as my job gives me the most pleasure but it is a very difficult field to get in to.

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