Cleansing and Purifying

I feel like I’m deathly ill.  I’m probably exaggerating but this is my own feeling of how physically ill I am and who’s to say that I’m wrong?  I absolutely hate it when I catch a cold but this is one of the worst colds that I have had in a long time.  I feel aches and pain all over my body and my head refuses to be able to breath normally.  Maybe there’s something more to just the physical illness…Maybe it’s deeper than that.

I got to my dorm exactly three weeks ago and I have not cleansed it.  I kept putting it off because as soon as classes started, I just had that much work to do.  I probably haven’t been taking care of myself as well as I should have and had gotten sick.  Last night, I felt possessed by something darker than just a cold.  I kept feeling as if someone or some being was in my room, watching me, not leaving me alone.  I asked it to leave like I would any entity, telling them that I do not want to see them, but that did not work.  It, man or women, just would not leave.  It hovered over me as I tried to sleep.  Sleeping was another obstacle.  I could not sleep for the life of me.  It was horrible.  I called my boyfriend, Daniel, because his voice usually soothes me and puts me to sleep but even that didn’t work as well as it normally does.  That’s when I realized, at around 2:30 in the morning, that I must cleanse and purify my room. The only solution I could think of was to ask Sedona, the store I work at back in Hawaii, to send me some sage spray since I could not burn the traditional herb–I may set off the fire alarm and people may think that I’m smoking pot (it smells like pot when you burn sage). But then I knew that it wouldn’t come for another week or so and I had to get this thing out of my room.  Finally, I remembered that I had a  little bottle of sage oil in my little collection of oils.  I knew exactly what to do.

As soon as I got home from my last class the next morning, I came back to my room and started cleansing.  I put on Pandora Internet Radio and put it on the Sleeptheif channel for soothing, calming music.  I opened the window so that the entity would have a passage to leave my room.  I grabbed my sage oil and started sprinkling it all over my room.  I could already feel my room clearing of any negative energy that may have been stuck in here–I started to feel calm.  I opened the door to give another exit for the energy to be sure that it was gone.  Then I grabbed a few more oils–Rose Haven because I love rose scent, Amethyst and Moonstone Gemscent near my bed for relaxation, Pure Clairty near my desk for when I do work, New Life to bring in positive energy, and Gingerbread for protection (I think I remember someone telling me that Gingerbread oil could be good for protection…Not sure but I went with my instincts).

And now, my room feels so much better.  I feel relaxed, no negative energy is present from what I can feel, and I feel at peace.  I now love coming back to my room.  As a final touch, I put a pentacle on my door for protection, one next to my bed, and one next to my alter.  I need all the protection I can get, there’s a lot of negative energy around Marist College and I can’t have any of it in my room.

As for my cold…well, only time, NyQuil, and lots of orange juice can get rid of that.  My friend is having a party tonight…I probably shouldn’t go considering my condition and I wouldn’t want to get anybody sick…But I would love the social interaction.  It’s 7 p.m., I have a couple hours to decide.

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