The Many Faces of a Smile

“Never frown, even when you’re said, because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”–Unknown

I’m not sure who wrote that, but that is one of the best quotes that I have ever heard.  It’s amazing how true it is.  Smiles are very distinct in a way that you can immediately tell whether if a person’s smile is for you or if it’s fake.  When you meet someone for the first time, the smile can be professional, friendly, seductive, or a realization of a deeper connection.  A person’s eyes also comes into play when you’re wondering why this particular person is smiling at you.  Smiles aren’t always good.

But when that one particular person smiles at you, the camera, or just because, you know their true emotions show right now every if they are putting on a fake smile for show.  There’s nothing I love seeing more than a smile on my boyfriend’s face knowing that I am the one that put it there.  It’s even better when he laughs.  The sound of his laughter let’s me know that I have brightened his day even if it’s just by that one little joke or one simple sentence from the heart.  The smile that he presents me reassures the love that he has for me in a way that only facial expression can really entail.  Looking deep into his eyes I know that that smile is true and our love is true.

A smile tells everything you need to know about someone.  Look into their eyes and you’ll know what their intentions are.  If they are being sincere and really honestly want to get to know you, or if they just want to play.

“Never frown, even when you’re said, because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

I love this quote.  You can be in a crowded room at a friends party just having a good time with close people and you don’t even think about keeping on your smile because it comes naturally when you’re around people you love.  But among those people can be someone you’ve never met before.  And as he or she gazed across the room to see you, smiling with your beautiful insignificant, consuming smile, you can make their heart stop.  It is quite possible that with one look, with one smile, you can make their heart skip a beat or stop entirely for one second to take in your breathtaking beauty presented only through happiness.

So keep this in mind.  Smile, even when you’re sad, because someone will fall in love with you and your smile, and would want to keep that smile on your lovely face for as long as they believe possible.

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